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Synergy Physicians help healthcare organizations meet their medical staffing needs with skilled and experienced professionals.  Each Synergy Physician is board certified and fully credentialed, many with multi-state licenses.

Our physicians consider themselves part of a team whose goal is to provide the best possible care to each patient in every medical setting.  Whether working in a hospital, ER, ICU, Post Acute Care, Rehab, Out-Patient Care or Telemedicine setting, our professionals can meet all your medical staffing needs.

If you are a healthcare facility seeking quality physicians, please contact us. Together we can assure that your patients receive the quality care they deserve.

As a physician-owned group, we are always seeking top quality doctors to expand to our team.  We offer a positive work environment and greater control over locations and schedules. Our physicians are freed from the administrative hassles of running individual offices.  This allows our physicians to focus solely on patient care.

If you are a physician who is interested in joining Synergy Physicians, send us your contact information and CV. We will get back to you by phone or email with information on how to proceed.


Synergy Physicians are focused on improving patient health and experience of care, while reducing the costs of health care.

Our People / Our Culture

We at Synergy Physicians believe the highest quality of healthcare is achieved when everyone involved works together in a collaborative manner. As a physician-owned group, we cultivate a supportive and positive work environment for our employees.

This yields the best possible results not only for our company as a whole, but also for each of our physicians as well as each of the facilities that utilize our services. When staff, physicians, and facilities work together we best achieve our common goal of quality care and patient satisfaction.


For Health Care Facilities


We Understand Your Challenges and Needs

Synergy Physicians works with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to help them meet their physician staffing needs.

Because we are physician owned and managed, we understand your challenges. That understanding makes it easier for us to match your needs with specific services to help you stabilize your staffing, allowing you to focus on patient care and internal efficiencies that help generate revenue.

Our premium physician recruitment protocols guarantee each physician we place with your facility will be properly credentialed and ready to become part of your healthcare team. Synergy Physicians offers you worry free scheduling solutions for your short-term challenges, but can also help you resolve your long-term needs.

Capitalize on Our Services

  • Plan ahead, anticipating the likelihood of patient overflow and staff turnover.
  • Schedule our physicians when your census track indicates you will need support.
  • Let Synergy Physicians place one of our physicians with you before you offer a full-time contract.

We Connect Hospitals with Physicians

With Synergy Physicians, you don’t just get a single physician, but the expertise of a physician community. We can provide board-certified physicians to cover your staffing needs:

  • Telemedicine Specialists
  • Hospitalists
  • Intensivists
  • Surgicalists
  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Family Care Physicians
  • Preventive Medicine and Wellness Specialists
  • Holistic Physicians
  • Comprehensive Complex Wound Care
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Advanced Illness Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Home Health Services
  • Nutritional and Physical Therapy
  • Health Coaches
  • Concierge Medicine

Focus on Results

We use metrics and peer review to help our doctors continuously improve their patient outcomes, including length of stay, quality of care, and patient experience.

Fully Accredited

Your patients are in good hands

with Synergy Physicians, all of whom are

board-certified and fully credentialed.

– American Board of Internal Medicine
– American Academy of Family Physicians
– Society of Hospital Medicine
– Society of Critical Care Medicine
– American Telemedicine Association
– American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

Our best thoughts come from others

— Ralph Waldo Emerson —

For Physicians

Quality of Care & Work/Life Balance:
The Synergy Physicians Focus

Synergy Physicians is a physician-owned group of board-certified physicians. We work with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to provide quality medical staffing to meet their changing needs. Through collaborative synergy, we help healthcare centers deliver quality care while offering our physicians greater control over their quality of life.

Our positive work environment combined with greater control over locations and schedules allow our physicians to focus solely on patient care.

Among the benefits we offer physicians are the following:

  –  Flexible schedules
  –  Freedom from the administrative hassles of running your own medical practice
  –  Focus on quality of care
  –  Ability to try new job positions without the commitment of full-time employment
  –  Chance to live and work in different regions and healthcare settings
  –  Supplemental income to pay college loans, improve cash flow for your family, or add to your retirement fund
  –  The chance to create work-life balance




NALTO is an organization that promotes sound business practices in the vast and competitive locum tenens physician recruitment industry.

NALTO exists to ensure physicians and healthcare facilities are treated fairly

Practice the kind of medicine you’ve always dreamed of

Join Our Group

If you are a physician who might be interested in joining Synergy Physicians, please send us your contact information and CV. We will get back to you by phone or email with information on how to proceed.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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