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In affiliation with USMLE Sarthi

USMLEsarthi is Arizona based with physician panelists all over the US. We guide residency applicants from over 32 countries. We conceived USMLESarthi with a simple dream – To guide Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) – aka International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and Caribbean applicants – in their quest for matching into their desired Residency program in the US and to help fulfill their professional aspirations. While IMGs make up 25% of the physician workforce in the United States, they face significant hurdles in the entire process of starting to prepare for the Match to the actual period of Residency and Fellowship training. Some of the unique challenges for IMGs are:

Our ‘Sarthis’ or Mentors- are a team of IMGs, AMGs, former Program Coordinators, MBAs and US Journalists. They are committed to leveraging their success and experience to coach IMGs and help them with the Residency Match.

Our highly impactful and value-added mentorship assists IMGs and enables them to reach their full potential. Our services: