Clinical Rotation

Clinical Rotation

This is a hand-on with 80% clinic setting and 20% hospital setting. In that time students and interns will be exposed to and engaged in performing physical examinations, presenting clinical cases, direct access to patient care and the clinics EMR system. Participants will be writing their own H/Ps and reviewing medications and reading urine drug screens and lab results. Students and interns will also have inpatient opportunities in physician’s affiliated hospitals depending on their clinical competency. Participants will be able to observe in the hospital setting and shadow the physician in that capacity at the hospital, depending on Hospital credentialing and their restrictions at the time of their rotation. Letters of recommendation will also be issued based on the merit of the individual. It is also imperative that participants must appear on time and have reliable access to transportation and be ready and capable to write and be familiar with performing histories and physical exams on patients. Students will get to rotate for 4 weeks and receive 1 LOR from a concerned physician.

Hours of rotation:- 

 We have 2 clinics Mon-Wed and Fri are at Scottsdale, Thursdays are at Phoenix. Phoenix is recommended, but not required. Students will primarily rotate at the clinic, but during their last week of the rotation, they will get to do 1-2 days of hospital rounds. (So 2 days in hospital during the entire 4 weeks) Hours are Mon-Thurs 9-5pm, Fri 9-1pm. 

 Documentation Required:- 

Covid/Flu Vaccines, Scrubs/Lab coat, HIPAA , EMR training (provided by physician), CV, USMLE scores (if any), months of prior USCE (if any), YOG, name/country of medical school with all credentials. 

Payment Policy:- 

Full payment is due to Synergy Health 360 at least 30 days prior to rotation start date. Full refund (minus the administrative fees) will be refunded if canceled at least 14 days prior to start date. If canceled 7-14 days prior to start date, 75% of the fee (minus administrative fees) will be refunded. If canceled within 7 days of the start date, 50% of the fee (minus administrative fees) will be refunded. No refunds after the start date of rotation. No refunds on application fee. 

Physician Affiliations: University of Arizona (Banner Health), Creighton University, Honor Health.

Application Fee: Included in package.

Blank Form (#3)

Clinical Program

Price: $149.00